Hello welcome!

We are a startup webshop based in the Netherlands, consisting of a small group of motorcycle enthusiasts.

MotorBits was born with a clear vision: to create a one-stop shop of unique products that enhance our customers' motorized experience!

We have only just started and hope to be able to provide the best quality, useful gadgets and parts for many years to come.

We are constantly looking for exciting and innovative products and hard-to-find engine parts.

MotorBits is an official partner of BPA-RACING - our first 'discovery'.

A small team of product engineers brought to market an innovative new way of measuring and adjusting the chain tension of a motorcycle, and soon they will be delivering more exciting products out of sheer passion. motorbits.nl is happy to help them share those products with you.

We, as a team, are committed to serving you first, in the most sincere way possible! We look forward to connecting with you and building a relationship with each individual customer!

PLEASE feel free to reach out. Ask questions and share your ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for your interest and trust! We will not disappoint.

Company details and profile:

BTW: NL003974208 B78
KvK: 84521449
The Netherlands


BPA RACING www.bpa-racing.EU